Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Cats - horrid little things

Anyone know how to keep cats out of the garden? Our vegie garden has been doing surprisingly well given the poor care it's received from me. Among other goodies, Tessa has been collecting a handful of strawberries every couple of days. Yesterday's lot, though, stank of cat pee! I soaked them in water with the intention of rinsing them thoroughly but none of us were game to eat them - we chucked them out. The neighbours' cats often leave little offerings on our lawn (I think that means they were separated from their mothers earlier than they should have been) but this is the first time they've sprayed in the garden. It's enough to put me off cats altogether.

Geoff and I both grew up with cats - I have to admit they are lovely pets. But we choose not to have one now because of the ongoing damage to native bird species done by domestic cats (which are not native).

Friday, February 02, 2007

Sad news

On 25 January, Geoff's mother passed away. After the diagnosis of terminal secondary cancer at the start of December last year, she went downhill rapidly, getting weaker and tireder and not being able to keep food down. Her biggest fear was that she would carry on for weeks or months being as unwell as she was in the last weeks, so we were grateful for her sake that the end came more quickly than expected. It has been a very hard time for us.

The funeral was a lovely honouring of M's life. Geoff (who is not a natural speaker!) gave the eulogy perfectly and Josiah and Tessa each did a reading.