Friday, July 06, 2007

Crochet bag as alternative to those filmy plastic bags for fruit and vegetables

Over at A Label Resistant Life, there has been discussion about finding alternatives for those filmy plastic bags that supermarkets and vegie shops provide for fruit and vegetables. I had a couple light, netting bags (I think our climbing harnesses, when we bought them, came in these bags) and I've started using those for fruit and veg. I am also crocheting what will hopefully be a suitably lightweight bag. A fellow reader at A Label Resistant Life asked about my crochet bag so here's a picture.

The stitch I'm using is "double treble" but since I chose this stitch I have borrowed a book on crochet stitches from the library. I think "double crochet with chain 1 spaces" and "chain 3 lace" might produce a lighter weight net. I plan to try one of those next.