Thursday, March 27, 2008


My New Years Resolution to cook proper meals more often is proving as elusive as ever to put into practice. It occurred to me today that that wouldn't matter so much if I made the kids a salad every day. I make myself a salad most days and I always used to offer to make salad for the kids too but got out of the habit as they often said no, not being hungry at the same times as me, and when they did say yes, they would complain about my choice of ingredients. So today I made a list of all the (easy) salad ingredients I could think of and had the kids tick the ones they like. I figure I'll make the salads directly into containers that seal, so if the kids don't want to eat them immediately, the salads can go in the fridge till they're wanted. Here's what our choices look like:

Mung bean sprouts
Alfalfa sprouts
Leafy greens
Grated carrot
Red onion
Beet root
Baby corn
Chick peas
Pumpkin seeds
Sun flower seeds
Sesame seeds
Olive oil and vinegar dressing

If you have any other ideas for easy, vegan salad ingredients, please leave a comment I love strawberries and melon in salads but like them even better on their own. And tofu, and roast vegies, but they will only be available if I actually cook a meal and there are leftovers!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Life As Usual

Wow, a month has gone by since I last posted here! I didn't mean to let that happen; time has slipped past. We've been up to all sorts ...

The Baring Head Rockhop

All four of us climbed in this competition and had a great day. For once, it was not windy at the Head, but it was therefore sweltering. There are no trees; the only shade is from the rocks themselves, and they are not tall enough to provide much shade in the middle of the day.

I was hampered in my climbing by how scared I get bouldering. The routes are supposedly only to heights safe to fall from, and sure enough I saw plenty of climbers fall, often repeatedly, from near the top of climbs, landing comfortably in the sand or on boulder mats. But I find it terrifying. After a few adrenaline rushes, I gave up and stuck to low traverses, which limited my options considerably.

The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain

... visited Wellington as part of the NZ International Arts Festival. Josiah and Tessa attended their performance for schools and I went with my mum one evening. They were hugely entertaining.

15 Years

Ordinarily, I avoid mentioning things I've already brought up on my other blog for fear of boring readers but I can't help feeling that Geoff and I reaching our 15th wedding anniversary is too important to pass by here.

A cold and a tomtit

We've all had bad colds but mine had compensation. I usually jog with mp3 player and headphones and if I'd done that as usual last week, I would have missed my first sighting of a tomtit in Lower Hutt. I didn't feel up to jogging, so instead Tessa came with me on a bush walk, where we have often seen tui, fantails and grey warblers, but never until now a tomtit ...