Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Unhealthy eating

I caught (most of) Kathryn Ryan's first interview on Nine to Noon this morning, on nutrition and family, and sent in the following response by email:

I listened with interest to your discussions this morning on nutrition and family. Almost every child in New Zealand goes through two cooking courses at Intermediate School. This excellent opportunity for educating children on healthy eating is not being taken advantage of. My daughter has just completed the Year 7 cooking course, during which she cooked eight recipes, four of which were treat foods high in sugar. Only two of the eight recipes contained vegetables. In the several recipes that used flour, white flour was used in every case.

I expect it would take an average, healthy cook about half an hour to come up with a new set of tasty recipes, appealing to kids, using vegetables, whole grains and pulses. I don't understand why the Ministry of Education has not done this!

Warm regards
Lisia Grocott
Lower Hutt


In case you are interested, the recipes my daughter cooked were:

Banana muffins - with sugar, white flour.

French toast - not your usual french toast recipe, this one included 1/2 a cup of sugar for 6-8 slices of bread, and icing sugar to dust.

Oat cakes - with white flour.

Snack bars - with sugar, honey.

Stuffed potatoes.

Ham and corn bread cases.

Scones - with white flour.

Chocolate cake - with golden syrup, sugar, white flour.

Butter also featured in a lot of the recipes.